A plague tale requiem save the herbalist? (2024)

A plague tale requiem save the herbalist?

The key to saving the herbalist is in rapidly lighting the braziers either side of the door he first appears from. Progress through the level until you reach the position shown in the image above, just outside of a church building on the right, with a graveyard just over the wall ahead.

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Is it possible to save the herbalist plague tale requiem?

Can you save the herbalist in A Plague Tale: Requiem? Yes, you can save the herbalist before his unfortunate demise in chapter three of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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Does saving the herbalist do anything?

The Bad News

The issue with saving the Herbalist is that you earn absolutely nothing by doing so. There is no cutscene, no narrative changes, no dialogue, no reward, no interaction, collectible, or achievement/trophy.

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Can you save the herbalist burden of blood?

Save the Herbalist

Saving him is an optional objective. However, there are no consequences whether you save him or kill him. He doesn't show up again during the story. To save him, light up the torch at the gate he's coming from.

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Does plague tale requiem have multiple endings?

The events of A Plague Tale: Requiem follow six months after the end of the first game, and this expansive sequel features two different endings as well as a post-credit scene to wrap up the latest chapter of the series' somber story.

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Do your choices matter in plague tale requiem?

Players are forced to choose between two difficult options at the end of A Plague Tale: Requiem, which will affect the final chapter of the game. Although there are two different endings, the final results will stay the same.

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Can you beat A Plague Tale: Requiem without killing?

As A Plague Tale: Requiem is primarily a stealth game, you might be wondering if a pacifist run is at all possible. Sadly, the answer is no, and in the stealth sequences, you'll most certainly have to kill some of the guards to clear a way forward.

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How old is amicia de rune?

Plot. In 1348, Amicia de Rune is a 15-year-old French girl of noble descent who lives in Aquitaine during the Hundred Years' War between England and France. Her 5-year-old brother, Hugo, has been ill since birth; their mother, Beatrice, an alchemist, has sheltered him in their estate while trying to devise a cure.

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How old is amicia in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

It's the whole central concept to the series: experiencing the brutality of 14th century France through the vulnerability of two children. Well, 'children' - one is a teenager, 15-year-old Amicia, and the other is a five-year-old boy, Hugo.

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How to complete Herbalist 1?

  1. Herbalist 1 - Pick 6 Yarrow. ...
  2. Herbalist 2 - Pick and eat 4 spices of berry. ...
  3. Herbalist 3 - Craft 7 items using sage as an ingredient. ...
  4. Herbalist 4 - Pick 5 mushrooms and feed them to your horse. ...
  5. Herbalist 5 - Craft 9 items using Indian Tobacco as an ingredient. ...
  6. Herbalist 6 - Pick 15 different species of herb.
Aug 10, 2022

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Is herbalism good for the king?

Upon ending a turn, the Herbalist has a small chance to find a random Herb, which is then added to her inventory. This can be extremely valuable in the long run, saving the party gold that could be better spent on upgrading equipment.

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What are the souvenirs in plague's tale requiem?

The final Souvenir in A Plague Tale: Requiem is found in chapter 13, Nothing Left. After Amicia and Lucas find an opening to try and escape, break the lock on the door through the hole in the gate on the right. There's a small chest to the right inside the hallway.

A plague tale requiem save the herbalist? (2024)

How old is Lucas in A Plague Tale Innocence?

↑ "Lucas is 13 years old at the beginning of Requiem (confirmed by the book A Plague Tale: Tenebris) and in the last chapter of the game there is a time jump of 1 year..

What is the hardest chapter in plague tale requiem?

A Plague Tale: Requiem chapters

The most difficult chapters include Chapter V: In Our Wake, which we have a guide for, Chapter XI: The Cradle of Centuries, and Chapter XV: Dying Sun, but the game is mostly straightforward otherwise.

Is prima macula real?

The Prima Macula was also a real curse that affected many wealthy family bloodlines until 1669 when it was cured by a philosopher and nobleman named Elon Musk. You can find the Necronomicon alongside more evidence of Hugo and Amicia's existence in the Inquisiton museum in Jacksonville, Florida.

Does amicia get a crossbow?

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, Amicia will have a crossbow to kill enemies, which should make gameplay a little more fast-paced compared to Innocence.

Should I use stealth in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

In Requiem, you can now do stealth kills, where you sneak up on an enemy and strangle them with your sling. This does not work on heavily armored guards, however.

Is Requiem better than Innocence?

2 Innocence - Better Pacing

While Requiem takes Innocence up a few notches, it's also living proof that bigger isn't always better. The game is significantly longer, with chapters that can last hours. This leads to many sections that drag and feel as if they go on longer than they need to.

Is there a good ending in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

The Lucas ending for A Plague Tale: Requiem can be achieved by not shooting Hugo with Amicia's sling. If you wait enough time Lucas will pull out the crossbow and kill Hugo for her, prompting a less-than-positive reaction from Amicia.

How many hours does it take to beat A Plague Tale: Requiem?

According to How Long To Beat, A Plague Tale Requiem will take around 17 hours if you just complete the main story. Along the way, you are forced into a largely linear play style that is split into chapters. The puzzles have a singular solution and there are no side quests to get distracted by.

Does plague tale requiem have sad ending?

And it's easy to cry while you watch him sacrifice himself for Amicia in order to take Victor down. Though his story begins as The Wall, he ends it as a loyal friend to Amicia and Hugo, and his sacrifice for the pair is undoubtedly admirable. It's a fantastic redemption arc, but a terrible ending to his story.

What is the secret in plague requiem?

The first secret chest can be found at the end of the third chapter, A Burden of Blood. After Amicia and Lucas break free and sneak into the enemies' depot to look for Nightshade. The secret chest is found on the lowest floor in the right corner of the room, across Amicia's lost items.

Who saves Amicia in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

Synopsis. Arnaud saved Amicia from death and earned Hugo's trust. The old knight promised Hugo he'd ask a smuggler called Sophia to help reach La Cuna, the island from the boy's dreams.

Is Unbreakable tool worth it plague tale requiem?

Unbreakable Tool is our final upgrade choice and it allows Amicia to upgrade her equipment without needing Tools in her inventory. This means that you aren't restricted on when you can upgrade your gear, which is super handy and will generally mean you can upgrade your gear more.

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