A tale of stone and fire dreamlight valley? (2024)

How do you complete the remembering in Dreamlight Valley?

So, you must collect 3 Coconuts. A quick way to do this is to fast travel back to Moana's Realm on Dazzle Beach. Give the Coconuts to Moana, and a Leadership Shard drops on the ground. Take it, give it to Moana, and “The Remembering” Disney Dreamlight Valley quest is complete.

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What is the fastest way to get stone in Dreamlight Valley?

Stone can be obtained by mining at Rock Spots in all biomes.

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How do you get rid of the fire in Dreamlight Valley?

Currently, there is no way to put out the green fires found all around the Forgotten Lands biome. Players can expect a new questline to be introduced in future updates that will allow them to put out these fires.


Where should I place the granite fire bowl Dreamlight Valley?

Craft the Granite Fire Bowl and place it in the village

Head to a Crafting Station and make the bowl — it's under the Furniture tab. You can place it anywhere in the village.

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What happens when you complete a memory in Dreamlight Valley?

Memory Display

After completing a memory a decorative Memory Frame will be unlocked which can be placed as placeable furniture inside the player's house. Interacting with this frame once it's been placed will toggle between all completed memory images displayed inside the frame.

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What is the last quest in Dreamlight Valley?

Once you get to Friendship Level 10 with Donald Duck, you can complete the final quest, which is to build a fountain in the valley.

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How long does it take for gems to spawn in Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem respawn time

It takes roughly five minutes for mining spots to respawn in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, Gems are not guaranteed to spawn in every mining spot, so it will most likely take you longer than five minutes if you're out farming for Gems.

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How do you get Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley?

Mirabel is unlocked by finding the Golden Doorknob and doing acts of friendship to bring back Mini-Casita to the Valley.

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Should you sell gems in Dreamlight Valley?

While Gems are a decent source of income in Disney Dreamlight Valley, selling them is not the only use these precious stones have in the Valley. Dreamers can also use Gems for crafting various recipes via the crafting workbench.

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Can you get rid of the bones in Dreamlight Valley?

To remove large bones from Sunlit Plateau, you'll need to get Scar to friendship level 7 and unlock his quest "The Circle of Life." The cunning lion will send you to speak to Mother Gothel, who asks for some Old Bones and 10x Purified Night Shards. Old Bones are found within the Vitalys Mines in Sunlit Plateau.

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How do you get rid of giant night thorns in Dreamlight Valley?

To remove Giant Night Thorns, you'll need to spend your hard-earned Dreamlight that's earnt through completing Dreamlight Tasks on unlocking additional biomes and locations.

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How do you get rid of the curse in Dreamlight Valley?

Inside, Mother Gothel, cursed by the Old Ruler, waits. Opening the door unleashes Mother Gothel's Dark Magic on the whole Village. To fix it, you'll have to restore the Pillar of Trust. Mother Gothel will leave the cabin and go to the Pillar of Trust.

A tale of stone and fire dreamlight valley? (2024)

How do you unlock Dazzle Beach in Dreamlight Valley?

How to Unlock Dazzle Beach. Dazzle Beach can be unlocked after spending 1,000 Dreamlight to clear the Giant Night Thorns that block your access to the area.

What are 5 star meals in Dreamlight Valley?

Most valuable 5-star meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley
RecipeSale Price
Ratatouille914 Coins
Arora's Cake786 Coins
Wedding Cake785 Coins
Mushu's Congee753 Coins
6 more rows
Apr 6, 2023

What happens if you let Ursula out Dreamlight Valley?

Head back over to the cave to talk to Ursula, letting her go out of the place. Once she's outside, she'll give you another quest called Liar Sweet Liar where you'll have to build her home and finish an errand for her.

What happens if you time jump in Dreamlight Valley?

Just like in iconic media like Back to the Future and Day of the Tentacle, time traveling comes with big risks and big rewards. For instance, Dreamlight Valley players use time travel as a way to make certain daily rewards, collectible items like dream shards, and quest objectives appear faster.

How do you unlock secret characters in Dreamlight Valley?

There are a few different ways to unlock new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley:
  1. Travel to Realms inside Dream Castle and complete each character's questline.
  2. Unlock new areas of Dreamlight Valley that already have characters living inside them.
  3. Complete story missions and character quests.
Apr 5, 2023

What is max level in Dreamlight Valley?

Player Levels

Maximum Energy to the energy bar, which starts at 1000 blue/1500 gold energy energy and caps at 2000 blue/3000 gold energy at level 40. Some actions, like completing quests earn a large amount of XP. The current maximum player level is 40.

What is Elsa's last quest in Dreamlight Valley?

The Ice Cavern Mystery

Elsa's final quest is available at Friendship level 10 in Disney Dreamlight Valley: As with every Friendship quest, start by speaking to Elsa. She will ask for help to finally solve the Ice Cavern mystery. Follow her to the Ice Cavern and speak to her.

Will there be more characters to unlock in Dreamlight Valley?

As confirmed by official artwork for the upcoming 'The Remembering' update, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella is the next character in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There's no word of any other characters from the Cinderella universe coming in the update. We've also got a brand new roadmap for 2023!

Why can't i find gems in Dreamlight Valley?

Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley can only be found when using your pickaxe and mining throughout the various biomes in the game. Every biome you come across has specific gems to discover by mining the nodes in the outer barriers of the area.

Do Night Thorns Respawn Dreamlight Valley?

Night Thorns respawn at random locations every day, so players will never run out permanently. Disney Dreamlight Valley players should be aware that in spite of how many Night Thorns there are, the drop rate for Dream Shards is low.

Do flowers grow back in Dreamlight Valley?

Flowers respawn every day. When working towards gathering a specific type of flower, make sure you pick up all the flowers from the biome you´re interested in. This way, all of them will respawn. If you pick only one flower, then only the one you picked up will be replaced with a new one.

Is Encanto in dreamlight?

Encanto is a universe in Disney Dreamlight Valley based on the 2021 animated film Encanto.

What is a mini casita in Dreamlight Valley?

Mini-Casita is a Character House where Mirabel lives. It is a downscaled version of the sentient Casita from the film Encanto.

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