How to get dodoco tales? (2024)

Is there any way to get Dodoco Tales?

Dodoco Tales is a limited-edition event weapon that requires a specific refinement material. This catalyst can only be obtained during the Midsummer Island Adventure event from 1.6 update.

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How old is Klee?

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
Klee10July 27
Kokomi17/18February 22
LaylaAround 25December 19
Lisa26/28August 16
56 more rows


Can you refine Dodoco Tales?

Refining Dodoco Tales requires "Fragments of Innocence" instead of an identical weapon. 4 "Fragments of Innocence" can be obtained through Midsummer Island Adventure's event shop.

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Was Dodoco Tales made for Klee?

2) Dodoco Tales

This is a huge boost to Klee's damage, and while the ATK% substat may be a hindrance, the flat damage boost will absolutely make this a great weapon for Klee.

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Can you obtain Scaramouche?

There is a maximum cap to the number of Primogems that you have to spend in order to obtain Wanderer (better known as Scaramouche) in Genshin Impact. Of course, this game is a gacha, so there isn't a set number of Primogems that you have to spend to get him.

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What is Klee's signature weapon?

The Dodoco Tales are Klee's signature weapon as they perfectly suit his appearance and aesthetic while increasing his source of damage and his strongest Charged Attacks. Players who pick up this weapon will also be able to get it to repair 5 for free, making it a strong choice for Klee.

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Does Klee love Razor?

Klee views Razor as her friend and loves to go visit him, stating that he has fluffy hair. She also states that Razor helps her clean up all the messes that she makes when trying out her new explosions.

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How old is Xiao mentally?

5 Xiao, 2000 Years Old

As a full adeptus, Xiao has a long history of 2000 years.


Is Albedo 500 years old?

Considering that Albedo doesn't know about the cause of the cataclysm in Genshin Impact, he's likely to be less than 500 years old.

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Is Dodoco a bunny?

Dodoco resembles a white furry rabbit with a teardrop-like, fluffy tail. Moreover, it is attached to a chain which hangs from the side of Klee's backpack.

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Is Dodoco Tales good on Scaramouche?

As for 4-Star weapon options, the Solar Pearl and Dodoco Tales seem to be great options for enhancing Scaramouche's crit rate and attack damage, respectively.

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Is Dodoco Tales good for Yanfei?

4 The Dodoco Tales - Four Stars

If you have it in your inventory, however, giving it to Yanfei will boost her Base Attack anywhere from 41 to 454. Its secondary stat will also give a 12 to 55.1 percent increase to her Attack.

How to get dodoco tales? (2024)

Who adopted Klee?

Alice left Klee with Albedo and the Knights of Favonius. From that day on, Albedo considered Klee as his younger sister and took care of her with the Knights of Favonius, and he also took care of Klee's "remedying disasters".

Whose child is Klee?

Klee is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. The daughter of the intrepid and often quite destructive adventurer Alice, Klee takes after her mother in many ways, much to the dismay of the Knights of Favonius whom she has been entrusted to.

Is Klee half elf?

First off, during the cutscene with Alice's recording, we most notably hear about Alice and Klee being elves, with much longer lifespans than humans. We technically already knew that seeing Klee's ears.

Why does Scaramouche have Anemo vision?

Now, we all know the ongoing trend of Anemo Vision users having tragic backstories and deceased friends. All of the Anemo characters so far have lost beloved comrades in tragic or even gruesome ways, so it makes sense for Scaramouche to end up having it.

Is Scaramouche the 6th member?

Scaramouche is the 6th Harbinger and is first encountered during the Unreconciled Stars event in which he acted as the main antagonist.

Is Scaramouche the son of Raiden?

It has been confirmed that Scaramouche is one of Raiden Ei's creations, and could be considered her child. His past is described as such in the Pale Flame artifact set: He was born with a face fairer than any other, Destined to a long life and a hollow will.

What is Klee's real name?

Paul Klee (German: [paʊ̯l ˈkleː]; 18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940) was a Swiss-born German artist. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism.

What is Kaeya's signature sword?

Kaeya's best weapon is undoubtedly the Skyward Blade.

Can Klee use Kagura Verity?

While Klee can't fully take advantage of Kagura's Verity, she still gets a lot of benefits from its Primary and Secondary Stats. Having an extra CRIT DMG and a good Base ATK is never bad for a DPS unit in Genshin Impact. In fact, Kagura's Verity is one of Klee's best options.

Who is the red burny girl in Genshin?

Razor first mentiones Klee in his Story Quest. He and Klee have met each other before, as he mentiones her as Knight that is "Red and Hot" that helped him before and that "she" was here and set the whole forest on fire and the wild boars were all gone.

What does Razor call Lisa?

In Razor's voicelines, it is implied that Razor sees Lisa as his mentor or sensei after getting trained by Varka, who gave him his name and was the first one to train him when he was younger. He also describes Lisa's skills as a lightning that makes the sky black.

What did Xiao suffer from?

Xiao suffers from his war-filled past. He and the now-deceased other Yakshas answered Zhongli's call for battle during the Archon War. However, fighting with the remains of fallen gods eventually accumulated enough “karma debt” to drive them mad. Xiao now bears the title of the last surviving Yaksha.

Who is Xiao in love with?

1 Xiao Loves Zhongli

He has unwavering respect and loyalty towards Zhongli for renaming him and saving him from his imprisonment. He won't tolerate those who speak badly of him and is happy to serve the people of Liyue in return for his freedom.

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